Moving People Forward: 2019 Impact Report

Dear Friend,

It’s been a tremendous year at PRC, and I’m pleased to share PRC’s 2019 Impact Report with you today.

As you’ll learn, PRC’s staff, volunteers, and clients have been hard at work transforming lives and the systems San Francisco has in place to support vulnerable adults. We opened PRC’s new Integrated Service Center in April 2019 to improve the way people affected by mental health issues, substance use, and HIV/AIDS access crisis intervention, stabilizing services, and longer term supports when they’re needed. In 2018, we helped 5,419 adults.

At PRC we’re addressing the nexus of poverty, stigma, discrimination, and isolation head-on to prevent hopelessness and connect people—like John on page 5 or Liliana on page 7—with new and better paths out of poverty and addiction, illness and stigma, homelessness and decline.

Honesty and innovation are key to moving past the status quo. In San Francisco, as across the nation, we are all challenged to reflect on a rising population of homeless adults and redress inequities in health and resource distribution. You and I may have a support network, a safety net, a couch, or access to money for treatment services or prescription medication when it’s needed. For those among us who do not, whether it’s a brief moment of free fall or a life-long health issue to manage and best, PRC is here: a bridge to hope, to health, and to wellness.

I invite you to read on, be inspired, bring your questions, and share with a friend.

In community,

Brett Andrews

Chief Executive Officer

It’s a Wrap!

Our hearts are full, and our doors are open! With your generosity, PRC’s Chair the Love campaign raised $36,310.



We are grateful. Time and again you show up for PRC and our clients.

Through Chair the Love, you helped furnish our clients’ experience during their journey toward better health, stable housing, and income growth within PRC’s new Integrated Service Center. Every step of the way, from their inital Client Services meeting through planning their next steps with an Employment Specialist, your support helps the over 5,000 adults living with HIV/AIDS, mental health, and substance use issues on their path to wellness each year.

But that’s not the end.


PRC has always been about community. Stay tuned for neighborhood and training events hosted at our community hub at 170 9th Street. Get updates: sign up for our newsletter and blogs, and follow us on social media for updates.

Together, we are changing lives and building community.


I am an avid supporter of PRC. Here’s why.

As much as I can define myself as a happily married man, an engaged member of the San Francisco design community and an endlessly curious student of the human condition, I also would like to think that I am a responsible citizen of The City where I have lived for over 40 years.

Like many of us, I am seriously concerned about the problems that are facing our town right now. I believe that our city government is sincere in wrestling with these challenges but government can’t do it alone. Nor should they be expected to. That’s why I support PRC.

Starting with the AIDS crisis in the 1980’s, PRC learned that action is more important than words in making a difference in a person’s life. And in many cases, saving a person’s life. These were hard learned lessons but they did it with a no-nonsense approach tempered with compassion.

I love that they have now expanded that commitment to the issues of people who are also struggling with homelessness, addiction, mental illness, and having a healthy sense of their own self-worth. Regardless of how they define themselves. And PRC is doing this every day. They are not waiting for anyone’s permission or approval to do what they know has to be done. That is what makes real heroes and heroines.

I am thrilled that from their new Integrated Service Center, they will now serve our community with greater impact. I support PRC, and was happy to support them financially to underwrite the furnishings in this unique facility through their Chair the Love campaign. I invite everyone reading this to do the same. As responsible citizens we owe it to our City, ourselves and all those folks who need our help.


Tom DiRenzo

A&D Director, CRI

Together, We Make a Difference

When PRC asked me to kick-off their Chair the Love campaign for the new service center at 170 9th Street, I was humbled and honored. And after working together for more than a year to create a permanent home, PRC’s new building is under construction and due to be completed this spring —I couldn’t be more thrilled.

I’ve seen firsthand how integrating the AIDS Emergency Fund, Positive Resource Center and Baker Places into PRC has created a more focused and impactful organization. The late Mayor Ed Lee initiated and supported this change because of the success of the incredible work by the Positive Resource Center team. They have made a difference in the lives of those they’ve served and in the process made San Francisco a better and more compassionate city for everyone.

This Spring, PRC will have a one-stop community hub to provide a continuum of care in a safe and non-judgmental space where clients can find support to redirect their lives. San Francisco’s most marginalized and vulnerable individuals and families will have access to cost-effective interventions that range from access to transitional and permanent supportive housing, employment services and workforce reintegration to residential treatment services for people in mental health crises and emergency financial assistance.

It can be challenging for people to find the services they need to move their lives forward. If someone needs emergency aid, support in learning new job skills, or help in finding drug treatment programs, PRC is a safe and welcoming place to assist them.

This is where you come in – we need your help. An environment like this doesn’t happen by itself –  the collaborative effort, hard work and dedication from the designers, general contractor, vendors, manufacturers, elected officials, and PRC staff have all contributed to make the new space a reality. We’re asking for your help to bring the project over the finish line. Gestures large and small are all appreciated, and you can feel good knowing that you contributed to making lives better.

Our campaign called Chair the Love highlights our most current need – furnishing PRC’s new home! With your assistance, this spring PRC’s doors will open wide with the following:

  • Expanded computer lab with 24 terminals to teach job skills and support the job application process
  • Brand new training room for 12 learners
  • Workstations for 80 staff – one-third of PRC’s staff city-wide
  • Counseling rooms to support the 5,000 people PRC uplifts each year

Please follow this link to PRC’s registry page, open through April 30th**, where you can direct your donation.

As a community-based organization on the front lines fighting to remove the barriers to good health and financial stability, PRC’s new location will make a difference. Clients will have an environment where PRC’s outstanding team can provide the best service possible with programming that continues to be an example for care that is a nationwide model. I couldn’t be more proud of our joint accomplishment.

Collin Burry FIIDA LEED AP

Principal, Gensler

PRC ElevateSF Cabinet Member


**Chair the Love has been extended to May 31, 2019

PRC’s Integrated Service Center Opens April 1st!

April 1st – with your help – PRC will open a new Integrated Service Center in San Francisco and furnish solutions for more than 5,000 people this year.

Woah!  Where did this Service Center come from?

PRC worked hard to get here, merging AIDS Emergency Fund, Baker Places, and Positive Resource Center to change the landscape of services for people affected by mental health issues, substance use, or HIV/AIDS. Consolidating PRC’s service continuum into a SoMA community hub, we are taking the next step to apply lessons learned in the early HIV/AIDS crisis to the crises of poverty, health, and homelessness facing San Francisco today.

170 9th Street, between Mission Street & Howard

PRC’s clients and community deserve the best. Partnering with the brightest innovators in San Francisco design, PRC’s Integrated Service Center is creating a welcoming and inspiring space where everyone can dream big.

  • 25,000 square feet across 3 floors
  • Meeting clients where they’re at
  • Delivering multi-faceted interventions to break cycles of poverty, ill-health, and homelessness among 5,000 people each year
  • Integrating multiple programs and 80 staff from service sites under one roof
  • Controlling occupancy costs into the future

A Central Hub, Furnishing Solutions from April 1st

Inside the Integrated Service Center, people will directly access Workforce Development, Legal Advocacy, Housing Case Management, and Emergency Financial Assistance by crossing a hallway instead of the city. By immediately connecting an individual to a needed service, we are designing a better way for thousands of vulnerable people to get healthy, stay healthy, and contribute to the city we all know and love.

170 9th Street also expands upon PRC’s proven success:

  • More than doubling PRC’s Computer Lab capacity, from 11 to 24 stations, in the Integrated Service Center PRC will move twice as many people forward and back to work.
  • Launching PRC’s new Education & Training Center, the Service Center lays the literal groundwork to expand living wage career training tracks and invest clients with critical financial literacy and planning skills to maximize independence and success.

Outside the building’s walls, PRC will continue providing low-income and health challenged San Franciscans with critical bridges to betterment through 11 Residential Treatment Programs, Hummingbird Homeless Navigation Center, and PRC’s Supportive Housing.

What is Chair the Love? 

Chair the Love is a fun way for you to get involved in PRC’s next chapter by making a gift that supports our purchase of furniture in our new hub. We make bold commitments to our clients and community. Now, with your generous support, PRC’s Integrated Service Center will open with modern, stylish, and practical furnishings to inspire the hope and confidence our clients need while getting back on their feet. The campaign has been extended through May 31, 2019.

Sofa, so good? Shop the registry.

Visit our registry to sponsor an item or level. Whether on your own or with your circle of friends or workplace affinity group, your donation puts your values in action and makes a meaningful impact today.

Can’t make up your mind and simply want to make a donation? Your gift is gratefully accepted here.

Do I have to donate online?

No; donate by check or appreciated securities if you prefer.

  • Send your check – payable to PRC – to PRC c/o Chair the Love, 170 9th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
  • Email us to donate stocks and securities, and any other questions.

How will my Chair the Love gift be recognized?

  • Every Chair the Love donor will be recognized in our digital and print publications.
  • All gifts at or above $10,000Welcome Matters – will be acknowledged on our ElevateSF Permanent Donor Wall Installation.

Is my gift to PRC tax deductible?

Yes. PRC is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and your gift is tax deductible to the full extent of law. A receipt will be provided after your gift for tax-related purposes.

Professional Services & Project Partners

PRC is honored to work with generous professional partners, manifesting our vision of a client-centered Integrated Service Center redesigning access to health, wellness, and full potential. Our project is possible thanks to the cost-consciousness, deep discounts, and generous professional in-kind support of our partners: Gensler, Revel Architecture, CRI, OfficeMorph, Touhy Furniture, CCI, WHM, Zendesk, and many more.

We’re moving forward.

From the solid foundation of PRC’s SoMa Integrated Service Center, we are aligning the health, housing, and income ladders to champion 25,000 individuals struggling with mental health, substance use, or HIV/AIDS over the next five years. Will you join us and make a gift today?