Leadership & Board


  • Chuan Teng, Esq.
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Marc Gannon, MSW MBA
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Tasha Henneman, EdD
    Chief of Policy and Government Affairs
  • Leo Levenson
    Consulting Chief Financial Officer
  • Beth Mazie
    Chief Programs Officer
  • Randi Paul
    Chief Development Officer
  • Jason Cinq-Mars
    Managing Director of Legal Advocacy
  • Danny Hicks
    Director of Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder
  • Gessika Krieger
    Director of Co-op
  • Erickson Morais
    Director of Property Management
  • Martin Muneton
    Director of Client Services Emergency Financial Assistance
  • Greg Perez
    Managing Director of PX & Office Services
  • Joe Ramirez-Forcier
    Managing Director of Workforce Development
  • Melida Solorzano
    Director of Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder
  • Lanny Suwarno
  • Jeremy Tsuchitani-Watson
    Director of Quality Management
  • Jim Wegman
    Director of Quality Contract Compliance
  • Jessica Winterrowd
    Chief Clinical Officer

Board of Directors

  • Brian Schneider
    PRC President
  • Nichole Wiley
    PRC Vice President
  • Darren Smith
    PRC Treasurer
  • Lukejohn Day, M.D.
  • Josh Frieman
  • Nelson Gonzalez
  • Colin Hartke
  • Ryo Ishida
  • Michael Kyle
  • Jacques Michaels
  • Michael Niczyporuk
  • Zack Papilion
  • Camellia Ngo Peabody, J.D.
  • John Peabody, MD, PhD, FACP
  • Tamarah Prevost
  • Tim Schroeder

Advisory Board

  • Michael F. Bell
    Co-Founder, President, and CEO of InPartnership Consulting, Inc.
  • Michael S. Bernick, Esq.
    Special Counsel, Sedwick LLP
  • James Carter
    Retired, Kaiser Permanente Chemical Dependency Recovery Program
  • Karl H. Christiansen, Esq.
    Vice President and Senior Counsel, Wells Fargo Bank
  • Ryan McKeel
    Senior Director, Public Affairs, Gilead
  • David Stith
    Vice President and District Manager, Wells Fargo Bank
  • Donna Sachet
    Entertainer and Community Leader
  • Gary Virginia
    Community Leader
  • Daryl Walker
    Field Service Manager, AT&T