Workforce Development

PRC’s Workforce Development provides individualized employment services and a variety of vocational and skills-based trainings to low-income, health-challenged, and disabled adults who want to pursue their vocational interests, dignified work, expanding economic stability, and opportunities for career advancement.

Program graduates increase their income by an average of over 200%.

In 2021/22, the average wage of clients placed in employment was $25.59 per hour, 50% higher than San Francisco’s minimum wage and 40% higher than the average wage of California Department of Rehabilitation placements in San Francisco County.

In 2021, clients that were previously unemployed, underemployed, or dependent on public benefits earned over $1,500,000 in wages through PRC’s job placements.

By developing long-term relationships with employers in a variety of sectors, Workforce Development clients are entering and re-entering the workforce across a variety of industries, most frequently retail, nonprofit, healthcare, government and hospitality. PRC has active partnerships with some of the largest employers in San Francisco including the University of California at San Francisco, the City and County of San Francisco, the State of California, Apple, Genentech, Target, H+R Block, Starbucks, Blue Apron, Hyatt, Genentech, Uber, Alaska Airlines, Salesforce, Apple, Old Navy, and Whole Foods.

From finishing an Associate’s Degree to gaining computer literacy or refreshing a resume and interview skills following a gap in employment, every day PRC is moving people into and through career pathways that are tailored to their skill set and personal objectives.

Employment Services

Job Search Assistance

PRC offers individualized job search assistance, tailored to each individual’s unique talents, skills, and abilities. We support our clients in all aspects of job searching, including individualized support for in creating a resume, customizing cover letters, interview preparation, and identifying job search strategies. As part of our job search assistance, we also offer support to identify volunteer opportunities, on-the-job training positions, and internships.

Career Assessment

Participants meet individually with PRC specialists to assess their specific situation and their personal goals. Based upon this mutual assessment, any health-related needs, and the client’s specific vocational objectives, we co-create an Individual Service Plan (ISP) to map out a time-lined work plan with short term and long term goals, utilizing both internal program and partner referral resources to achieve these objectives.

Education & Career Navigation

PRC offers expert career navigation services, which include labor market research, skill interest testing, values and interest exploration, identification of workplace limitations, and assistance in defining a career goal. Workforce Development partners with the California Department of Rehabilitation to support individual enrollment in diverse training and education programs at the certificate level, 2-year college level, and 4-year college level.

Training & Skill Building

PRC offers a range of Microsoft Office computer training, administrative skills, and career pathway classes to prepare people for competitive employment environments across public and private sectors. Courses can be as brief as a 2-hour Microsoft Office learn-the-basics course called FirstStep, or enroll in a full course, such as our 4-week Microsoft Office intensive course called NextStep Computer Training. Our 10-class StepUp Training builds administrative and clerical skills and compliments the NextStep course to prepare someone to succeed in the workplace. LiftUp SF is PRC’s new career pathway training, transforming lived experience with mental health or substance use challenges into valuable and competitive job skills.

Classes boast a low student-teacher ratio that does not exceed 5:1 Instruction is designed for intermediate-level learners. See the Workshop Calendar below for complete program schedules.

Workshop Calendar

All computer training classes require preregistration and class participants must be registered clients of PRC’s Workforce Development program. 

To register for a class, or if you have any questions about classes, please contact the PRC Computer Training program at [email protected].

Open lab time is any time between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, when a class in not scheduled in the lab (see class schedule below). Open lab time is available to all registered clients of PRC’s Employment Services program active in an Individual Service Plan with an Employment Services staff member.