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October 2020 – Frontline Newsletter

The Mighty Real Gala is PRC’s annual celebration of hope and resilience.


My Story: The Many Identities of Brett Andrews

It turns out there’s some wisdom in astrology.

That’s a statement I never thought I’d make, let alone in a business publication. But as I reflected on what I wanted to share about my journey as the Black, gay CEO of a social impact organization here in San Francisco, it dawned on me that these three facets of my identity – my race, my orientation and my drive to excel (yes, I’m an unapologetic Virgo-Dragon) – exist in a perpetual balancing act…


Brett Andrews on the Urgency of Now

I was opening my mail the other day when I spied an envelope from a foundation. The envelope was slightly thicker than a standard envelope — usually a good sign. Upon opening it, I was pleased to find a check meant to support PRC’s efforts.

After doing some research, however, I learned that we’d written the grant proposal more than a year ago. I was extremely grateful that the foundation believed in the importance of our work enough to provide financial support. That said, I also couldn’t help but think what it would have meant to receive these funds earlier in the year — right when COVID-19 reared its ugly head…

Read Brett Andrews’ Viewpoint, as published January 7 2021 in the San Francisco Business Times