San Francisco HIV Frontline Organizing Group


SF HIV FOG is a collaboration between San Francisco organizations serving people living with HIV. WE strive to support HIV Frontline-workers through training and networking events, resource and information sharing, and professional development opportunities.

What We Do

San Francisco HIV Frontline Organizing Group (SF HIV FOG) is a grassroots collaboration between community-based HIV service organizations and representatives of the San Francisco Department of Public Health. It provides training and professional networking opportunities for frontline workers in San Francisco. (e.g., social workers, client advocates, money managers, mental health clinicians, navigators, and benefits eligibility workers, etc.) To improve interagency collaboration and delivery of services to people living with HIV.



In May 2015, a group of San Francisco HIV Frontline workers came together to discuss how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) would impact people living with HIV/AIDS and frontline workers who support them. SF HIV FOG grew out of this meeting.

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    Training & Networking Events, & Awareness Campaigns

    SFHIV FOG trainings are designed for San Francisco HIV frontline workers. Past trainings included topics such as Transgender Care and Competency, Sex Worker Support, Open Enrollment Health Insurance Boot Camp, PrEP, Access to Behavioral Health, and more.

    Upcoming Trainings and Networking Events

    In 2023

    Check back in early 2023 for the announcement of training and networking events for 2023.

    Open Enrollment Boot Camp VI

    Join Us for Our Annual Open Enrollment Boot Camp!

    The SF HIV FOG Steering Committee is looking forward to presenting this year’s Open Enrollment Boot Camp VI virtually, over the course of three Wednesday mornings in October.

    Each year, the goal of the SF HIV FOG Open Enrollment Boot Camp is to enable HIV frontline workers to help clients living with HIV navigate the various local and state healthcare coverage options. We encourage you to join us as now, more than ever, it is vital to the health and survival of our community members that they are enrolled in an appropriate healthcare plan.

    By the end of the 3 training events, attendees will be able to:

    • Identify healthcare coverage options available for HIV care and medication
    • Explain how to navigate clients during open enrollment in healthcare coverage
    • Describe the various support programs available through ADAP to help people with HIV pay for medication and healthcare coverage

    In addition to the pre-recorded presentations, you will have the unique opportunity to workshop specific issues and case studies with our knowledgeable and experienced benefits attorneys and enrollment workers!

    Week One: HIV & Health Insurance 101

    RSVP Link Here Wednesday, October 7, 2020, 10:00 – 11:30 am

    • 10:00 am Video Presentations and Resource Guide Review
    • 11:00 am Question & Answer Session with Bill Stewart, Staff Attorney for PRC’s Equal Access to Healthcare Program (EAHP)
    SF HIV FOG 2020-2021 Open Enrollment Resource Guide – Week One:  Health Care Basics
    1. Covered CA Federal Poverty Level (FPL) 2020 Chart
    2. Medicare Handbook
    3. Medicare Part D Premium Payment Program, Enhanced with Medigap Premium Payment and Medical Out-of-Pocket Assistance. Extra Help: ADAP MDPP:
    4. 2020 Application of CalFresh, Cash Aid, and/or Medi-Cal (SAWS2PLUS) 
    5. 2020 Application For CalFresh Benefits (Only) Expansion of CalFresh to SSI Recipients:
    6. Medi-Cal Application Documents
    7. Reporting a Change with Medi-Cal (Link Only),free%20assistance%20in%20your%20area.
    8. 2020 Medi-Cal Annual Redetermination (Form mc210rv-eng)
    9. 2020 Medi-Cal Property Supplement (Form mc210ps)
    10. 2020 Medi-Cal Contact Update (Form mc354)
    11. HIV Care Options in San Francisco Resource Link:
    12. San Francisco HIV Navigation Options Resource Link:
    13. PrEP FACTS from San Francisco AIDS Foundation
    14. Website link:
    15. Psyschosocial Support Services  (Link Only)
    16. San Francisco City Clinic HIV Prevention Care PrEP (Link Only)
    17. HIV Homeless Outreach and Mobile Engagement (HHOME) from San Francisco Community Health Center (Link Only)
    Support Documents for Week One Videos

    If questions arise as you are reviewing the videos and resources, please submit questions to so we can be sure to cover it. We will also field questions during the session, but time is limited.

    Week Two: Open Enrollment Basics

    RSVP Link Here Wednesday, October 14, 2020, 10:00 – 11:30 am

    • 10:00 am Video Presentation
    • 11:00 am Question & Answer Session with Jason Cinq-Mars, Supervising Attorney for PRC’s Equal Access to Healthcare Program (EAHP)
    SF HIV FOG 2020-2021 Open Enrollment Resource Guide – Week 2: Open Enrollment Basics for Medi-Care and Covered California
    1. ACE Marketplace Plan Renewal Flowchart
    2. Covered CA What You’ll Need To Know
    3. Covered CA Step-By-Step Guide to Enrolling in Quality Health Coverage: Covered CA Videos to Help You Enroll, How to Enroll:
    4.  Health Insurance Renewal Tracking Checklist, Marketplace Plan Renewal Flow Chart
    5. Understanding Medicare Advantage & Prescription Drug Plan Enrollment Periods
    6. Medicare Things to Think About – Compare Medicare Drug Coverage
    7. Medicare & Covered CA:, Fact Sheet:
    8. Medicare Limited Income NET Program For People with Retroactive Medicaid & SSI Eligibility
    9. AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) Eligibility Criteria (Link Only)
    10. Office of AIDS Health Insurance Premium Payment (OA-HIPP) Assistance Eligibility, Benefits, and How to apply (Link Only)
    11. ADAP Contact Information (Link Only)
    12. ADAP Enrollment Site, Eligibility Workers, & Pharmacies and Interactive Map (Links Only):
    13. Employer Based Health Insurance Premium Payment (EB-HIPP) (Link Only)
    14. Quick Clinical Guide: HIV PrEP Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis
    15. SSA Online Service Listing: 
    Week Three: Understanding Covered California

    RSVP Link Here Wednesday, October 21, 2020, 10:00 – 11:30 am

    • 10:00 am Video Presentation
    • 11:00 am Question & Answer Session with Marc Ross, Bay Area Regional Field Representative for Covered California
    SF HIV FOG 2020-2021 Open Enrollment Resource Guide – Week 3: Open Enrollment for Covered California
    1. ACE Health Care Plan Selection Worksheet
    2. Covered CA Health Benefits Table 23
    3. Immigration Status and Eligibility Information (English):
    4. Covered CA Federal Poverty Level (FPL) 2020 Chart
    5. Qualified Family Dental Benefits,
    6. Covered CA Application and What Should Bring: Documents to confirm eligibility:, How to submit documents to confirm eligibility:
    7. 2021 Open Enrollment Client Flyer
    8. Open Enrollment Client Flyer (Spanish)

    Please share with your colleagues and encourage them to join us at Boot Camp and to join the SF HIV Frontline Workers ListServ by sending an email to

    Past SF HIV FOG Training and Networking Events

    Past training and networking events have included topics like transgender care and competency, sex worker support, health insurance open enrollment, access to behavioral health, and more.


    This full-day training focused on helping clients enroll in health care during the 2019/20 Open Enrollment period. Segments will focus on:

    • Health insurance basics
    • Choosing a plan
    • Updates to insurance options (Covered CA, Medi-Cal, Medicare, ADAP)
    • A myriad of breakout sessions on subjects TBD

    2019 OE Boot Camp – Open Enrollment Basics- Choosing a Plan

    2019 10-7 Covered CA 101

    2019 10-7 Advocacy & Activism

    2019 10-7 SF HIV FOG Medi-Cal 101

    2019 10-7 Practical Tips to Navigate Medi-Cal and Large Lump Sum Payments

    2019 10-7 HIV and Dental

    2019 10-7 Medicare Basics by HICAP

    2019 10-7 RTW-Disability Benefits & Health Coverage


    Part I Covered Calfornia 2019

    Part II Medicare 2019

    Part III Medi-Cal 2019

    Part IV ADAP & OA-HIPP 2019

    Part V Immigration 2019

    Part VI SF Health Care Options

    Part VII Miscellaneous 2019

    HOUSING 201: Coordinated Entry System

    This full-day training focused on the Coordinated Entry system of San Francisco. Segments focused on housing policy updates, introduction to Coordinated Entry and the primary assessment, prioritization and placement, problem-solving from the Episcopal Community Services of San Francisco, and a Client & Worker perspective panel.

    USCA 2018 Scholars Report Out

    HIV & Aging – January 31, 2019

    HIV & Aging videos

    Open Enrollment Health Insurance Bootcamp 2018-2019

    This full day training focused on helping clients enroll into heath care during 2019 Open Enrollment. Segments focused on health insurance basics, choosing a plan, updates to insurance options (Covered CA, Medi-Cal, Medicare, ADAP), and a myriad of breakout sessions on subjects such as navigating clients into care and categorically ineligible clients.

    Download PDF Files:


    Open Enrollment Boot Camp Resource Guide

    Transgender Care and Competency

    This training discussed culturally competent and humble ways of interacting with clients of Trans experience, how to best help clients access healthcare, what problems can arise from insurance, and how to engage clients of Trans experience in mental health care.

    HOUSING 101: SF Housing Options for Low-income People Living with HIV (PLWH)

    This training is going to be a basic overview of San Francisco Housing options. The training will review the history and reflect on the issues of housing and homelessness for HIV + people, along with demographics and statics around the issue.

    Download PDF – SF Housing 101: Presentation

    Download PDF – SF Housing 101: Basic Terminology

    Sex Worker Support

    This training focused on providing clients who perform sex work with compassionate and competent care. Segments included a sex worker youth panel, a panel of clinicians from St. James Infirmary, and a discussion section focused on client scenarios.

    Behavioral Health Engagement for HIV Prevention and Care

    This was a two-part training that addressed the value of screening for mental health care needs and enhancing client motivation to engage in mental health care. At both training days, participants were encouraged to identify go-to mental health referral sites and share them with other participants. The training delved into the details of accessing mental health care through Medi-Cal and provided a roundtable discussion on mental health care access options.