Chair The Love

Chair the Love

Help furnish a solution to homelessness

Our clients and community deserve the best. Each year PRC helps 5,000 low-income, health challenged adults stabilize their lives. But it’s hard to dream big in threadbare chairs and broken folding tables.

Partnering with the brightest innovators in San Francisco design, PRC’s Service Center creates a welcoming and inspiring space where everyone can dream big—and break cycles of poverty, ill-health, and homelessness.

Now we need your help to furnish our new Service Center. Please act now and Chair the Love!

Chair the love

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170 Ninth STREET

PRC’s new Service Center

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What’s Possible

Under one roof, PRC is establishing a SoMa community hub to lift people affected by HIV/AIDS, substance use, or mental health issues up, out of poverty, off the streets, and into wellness.


Funds raised to date

Days until the new consolidated 
Service Center opens


Number of people who’ve Chaired the Love so far

Campaign Goal: $250,000


Success stories like these are only possible with contributions from friends like you. We’re grateful.

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