Workforce Development Works! PRC at the UCSA Conference

As a board member of the National Working Positive Coalition, PRC’s CEO Brett Andrews co-presented on Employment Opportunities for People Living with HIV at the 2019 United States Conference on AIDS (USCA): Ending the Epidemics in their Honor in Washington, D.C. PRC has been building pathways and advocating an inclusive workforce since 1987, and the presentation featured PRC’s nationally recognized Workforce Development program, which is a model of responsive and effective community rehabilitation services for people living with HIV and accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

PRC helped me to find both work and apply to the department of rehabilitation to offset my school costs. After getting set up with A.D.A.P. to cover my prescription costs, I needed more flexible work to continue my Master’s Degree. I did it, and I’ve now had my own successful business for more over three years!

We’re proud of all 653 people with HIV/AIDS, mental health, or physical disabilities that participated in our employment readiness, counseling, and placement programming in 2018.

With PRC’s support–reinvigorating livelihoods, independence, and self-esteem through individualized coaching, skill building classes, and career navigation services–they’ve made great strides!

Here are just a few more examples of how PRC is moving people forward.

  • On average, PRC’s Workforce Development participants secure jobs that earn them $21.71 per hour—that’s 145% of San Francisco’s minimum wage.
  • Graduates from our Next Step Computer Certificate Program not only gain critical skills, 50% increase their income by almost 300%.
  • Across our Workforce Development strategies, participants with recent work histories get back into the job market increasing their income by more than 200%.

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