“It’s important because these are actual human lives that hang in the balance. For me, going to PRC was a matter of life and death.”

Anthony went through a few different substance use programs but didn’t get the care and attention he needed for his recovery journey until he came to PRC’s Ferguson Place, and Acceptance Place. There he found a structure that allowed him to grow in a way he didn’t think possible.

What was it that made such a difference?

“It was more like communal living. You’re in this house with people learning how to co-exist, learning those basic skills: how to live with others and maintain harmony, pull your weight, cook dinner together and take care of the place together. It presented challenges, and that’s where the growth came from. You’re learning to navigate these challenges with support of the staff. There will be conflict wherever you go. It’s about the way they were able to help.”

Anthony also had the opportunity to get connected to the right doctors and mental health treatment. This was a game changer. From there, Anthony entered PRC’s Co-op Transitional Housing. It took a few tries of going in, relapsing, and starting over. What changed was the accountability that PRC requires. For the first six months, Anthony attended support groups. He had a case manager to check in with and was living with people going through the same thing.

“It gave me a reason to get up. Even when I had a slip, my case manager was there to support me and hold me up when I was shaky.”

Now Anthony is working a full-time job for the first time in five years. He’s crawling out of debt. There are so many components that need to be worked on that get caught up in the shuffle: credit, health, longtime effects.

“Out of all the different programs I tried, there was so much love and care on the part of the PRC staff in every department. That care, that empathy really does something for somebody. The people at PRC are really great. It’s important because these are actual human lives that hang in the balance. For me, going to PRC was a matter of life and death. This is a service that people really need. It’s important to know how life changing and important it is.”

For the first time in years, Anthony is able to have healthy relationships. He’s able to have boundaries and connect with people in a healthier way. There was a lot of social reconstruction.

“As I develop more independence and become more solid, I’m able to have more freedom. I had to get to a certain point where I was ready to work. They guided me and opened up this possibility.”

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