Impact Report - Transformation, People, Programs, Progress

Dear Friend,

The past year has been a dynamic time of transformation for PRC, one in which we have become a stronger, more resilient, and more effective organization. This period also coincided with the first year of new PRC leadership as Chuan Teng stepped into the role of CEO in September 2022. As we look back and also look ahead, we take great pride in sharing this report on our activities, our progress, our achievements, and our impact from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023. As part of our transformation in the last year, PRC underwent an extensive analysis and restructuring to strengthen our financials. This included the transfers of two under-utilized and under-funded residential programs to another provider, which significantly improved our operations and financial capacity.

Brian and Chaun
Brian and Chuan

We are in a much stronger and more effective place than we were a year ago, all due to the hard work of our dedicated staff and board members as well as the commitment of our partners and the generous support of our donors. We cannot thank you enough.

We also completed and implemented a financial sustainability plan that ensures we can more effectively deliver our critical behavioral health and social services and continue creating meaningful opportunities that make a lasting impact on our clients’ lives. Amidst this progress, we continue to empower more than 5,000 people annually to transform their lives for the better through mental health and substance use treatment, housing, legal advocacy, workforce development, and emergency financial assistance. In addition to our direct services, PRC’s initiative, the Black Leadership Council, continues to advance health equity policies and other social justice efforts for Black and low-income communities of color.

In the year ahead, PRC is undertaking several new initiatives, including growing our housing navigation services and diversifying funding through new opportunities from the state and private institutions. We believe these changes are necessary to respond to the humanitarian crisis of homelessness, adapt to state-wide behavioral health policy reforms, and ensure long-term organizational sustainability. As always, we will guide strategic decision-making with the goal of providing transformational client experiences and expanding our impact.

We are in a much stronger and more effective place than we were a year ago, all due to the hard work of our dedicated staff and board members as well as the commitment of our partners and the generous support of our donors. We cannot thank you enough.

In gratitude,

Brian signature

Brian Schneider
Board of Directors

Chuan signature

Chuan Teng
Chief Executive Officer

We are in a much stronger and more effective place than we were a year ago, all due to the hard work of our dedicated staff and board members as well as the commitment of our partners and the generous support of our donors. We cannot thank you enough.



Total number of people
served during 2022/23


housing icon
42% marginally housed
|5% Unhoused


housing icon

HIV Positive


housing icon

Low Income

63% have a monthly income of less than $1200
37% have a monthly income of less than $600

*Note that the total served and demographic breakdown includes all clients that proceeded through standard intake processes and does not include 1,576 day-use clients that accessed low-barrier Hummingbird Programs.

PRC’s integrated services form a client-centered continuum of care so that individuals in crisis can enter at one end and move along a seamless pathway. Our wrap-around services simultaneously meet clients where they are and lift them up towards a place of stability with more positive health and economic outcomes.



Hummingbird Potrero and Valencia Programs

offer essential respite and a first step into care for otherwise unsheltered San Franciscans.

The Hummingbird model, aptly named for its welcoming nature, offers a refreshing alternative to traditional psychiatric and substance use emergency services. It provides a low-barrier, safe, and comfortable environment in an open, milieu setting for day and overnight use. Participants can access a range of amenities such as meals, laundry facilities, and showers.

Our compassionate and inclusive approach to providing a secure setting and offering various resources and assistance empowers individuals to take important steps toward recovery and independence.


Skilled staff establish relationships with participants to connect them with essential community-based services, including residential treatment options.


29 beds bed icon

497 overnight guests
stayed an average of 19 days

Daily Access hosted 708

Capacity for 20 day-guests


30 beds bed icon

207 overnight guests stayed an average of 36 days

Daily Access hosted 868

Capacity for 20 day-guests

Protrero Patio
HBV Common

Joe Healy Detox

PRC successfully transferred Joe Healy Detox to another community provider without disruption to clients. The full staff also transferred to ensure continuity of care.

For more than 15 years this program supported individuals experiencing substance abuse disorder with seven-to-fourteen-day detox treatment. We are infinitely grateful to the dedicated staff who are committed to helping others achieve sobriety.


Opened 2/7/2007
Closed 12/1/2022

Stay of 7-21 days


Stabilizing Housing
for Better Medical Care

Emergency Financial Assistance

(EFA’s) goal is to alleviate financial burdens and improve quality of life by providing low-income San Franciscans living with HIV with financial assistance for move-in expenses, unexpected utility bills, medications, phone services, or other barriers impacting their medical care.

Helping Out

Emergency grants are provided to prevent evictions, stabilize housing, and preserve medical regiments.

1,294 clients living with HIV accessed

$1,139,836 in emergency funds


So much gratitude for all of your care and support.


Emergency Financial Assistance has served more than 52,000 clients with $29.6m in assistance since records began in 1997.


Accessing Income
And Healthcare

Legal Advocacy

connects individuals who are disabled or have health conditions that impede their ability to work with stable income and healthcare so they can focus on getting well. Our dedicated attorneys and legal assistants provide legal consultation, expert representation, personalized advice, and community trainings.


We give individuals the confidence and tools they need to successfully navigate complex, bureaucratic systems in order to access and retain the disability benefits they rightfully deserve.

1,784 individuals received
legal assistance

99% approval rate for all
fully adjudicated cases

170 notices of awards

$3,251,917 in retroactive

$139,960 in ongoing
monthly payments

Individuals are 3x more likely to receive the disability income they’re entitled to when they have an advocate on their side.

Equal Access to Healthcare Program (EAHP)

ensures that individuals living with HIV/AIDS have access to healthcare through representation, education, and counseling to manage the complicated healthcare system and address disruption to care during significant life changes.
By empowering our clients and educating community providers, we eliminate barriers to healthcare and create more inclusive and supportive access to wellness.

373 clients were assisted with healthcare access

90% of closed EAHP clients obtained, increased, or preserved health access


I don’t know how I could have done this without PRC. I am grateful. PRC’s help changed my life for the better.

SF HIV Front Line
Organizing Group

is a grassroots collaboration between San Francisco organizations serving people living with HIV that supports HIV Frontline-workers through training and networking events, resource and information sharing, and professional development opportunities.


38 outreach trainings

16 community provider

5 self-care videos
for HIV Frontline workers


PRC is one of the most important and much- needed resources to have in San Francisco.



PRC Baker Places

residential behavioral health treatment programs help individuals address mental illness, substance use disorders, and co-occurring conditions. These six licensed, service-rich environments, each with a demographic focus, are designed to provide a home-like atmosphere for residents to stabilize.

Residents engage in counseling sessions, develop and implement support systems, practice self-regulation techniques, and acquire essential independent living skills. Clients also receive linkage to additional care such as social workers, medical providers, and housing navigation.

Now a best practice, PRC Baker Places pioneered the social rehabilitation model of providing treatment through group therapy and teaching independent living skills in a home-like setting.

Our holistic approach to behavioral health and creating intentional communities ensures that residents can find support and connection, cultivate healthy relationships, and gain confidence for when they move on from our facilities. Our highly attuned staff recognize the profound impact that social surroundings have on an individual’s journey towards improved mental, behavioral, and motional health.


Social rehabilitation fosters recovery in community.

210 individuals accessed substance use and mental health treatment programs

68% of residents met one or more of their goals


87 beds bed icon

811 people

3 programs

Up to 31,755 days and nights of support per year


60 beds bed icon

210 people

5 programs

Up to 21,900 days and nights of treatment per year


113 beds bed icon

158 people

5 programs

Up to 41,245 days and nights of stable housing per year


I think your program is exceptional and vital to the community.

Acceptance Place

Operated for 51 years, this beloved program that supported Gay men through recovery from alcohol dependency and substance use was successfully transferred to another community provider without disruption to clients. The full staff also transferred to ensure continuity of care.


They changed my whole world from daily crisis to a day of hope and opportunity.


Getting Back
To Work

Workforce Development (WFD)

is a leader in supporting individuals with mental health or physical disabilities, including those living with HIV, in re-entering the workforce. We help our clients find employment at a rate twice the statewide average. Our comprehensive services include personalized assessment, career navigation, job search and placement, and preparation to achieve sustainable employment.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive in a fulfilling career, regardless of their ability.


We recognize that every person has unique talents, skills, and capabilities, and this guides our tailored approach.


PRC’s state of the art 24-user computer lab hosts two state-accredited training courses:

bed icon 90 hours
The Next Step Computer Certificate Program equips students with computer skills through immersive, hands-on instruction ensuring students are well-prepared to excel in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

bed icon 50 hours
The Step Up Clerical Skills Certificate Program develops administrative and occupational facilities through employment skill-building.

WFD Hour Wages 2018 - 2023

497 adults accessed career building services

$30.22 / hr is the average wage earned by WFD clients –
78% higher than San Francisco’s minimum wage ($16.99)

$1,500,000 earned through WFD job placements

Clients enter the workforce in the retail, nonprofit, healthcare, government, and hospitality sectors.


The lift up class was one of the best choices I have made to join. Thank you all for having me.

bed icon 64 hours
PRC’s Lift UP SF peer-to-peer occupational training intensive program features individual coaching and peer group support. Adults with “lived experience” of behavioral health disorders train to meet the growing need for peer health professionals.

120 participants accessed
three training programs

92% earned certificates

Workforce Development Graduates

My experience with PRC has been wonderful. It’s been very informative and even got me a job.


provides technical assistance specially tailored to Black transgender people.

Black Transgender Initiative



Housing and Facilities

Cooperative (Co-Op) Supportive Housing

helps graduates of its substance use, mental health treatment, and HIV focus programs, in addition to those referred to us from sister organizations, to continue their path toward independence by pairing case management with rental subsidies.

113 beds bed icon
21 co-ops

During this transitional period, residents have access to a case manager for individual support with vocational, educational, and social services, while living in multi-bedroom apartments with others with similar lived experience. This tiered approach toward independent living offers practice with communication, conflict resolution, problem-solving, and making healthy life choices, all within a supportive environment.

PRC works with each client to develop a long-term housing plan responsive to their specific needs and resources, particularly given the Bay Area’s high costs of living and lack of affordable housing options.


We believe housing is a human right and that our clients deserve stability and a long term housing plan responsive to their needs.

Leland House

is San Francisco’s first Transitional Residential Care Facility and one of the largest facilities of its kind for people living with HIV in the country. Residents have access to social support services, individual and group sessions, life skills training, housing navigation, and PRC’s wrap-around services.

45 beds bed icon

Odyssey House

is a home with an African American focus for 10 adults who have extensive experience with homelessness, incarceration, mental illness, or substance use. Residents benefit from individual and group services, fun community building activities, and other opportunities designed to enhance social and living skills.

10 beds bed icon


I appreciate this being
a second home. everyone
is always there for me
and taking care of me.
Thank you!

The Many Locations of PRC



BLC members join Assembly member Matt Haney for Advocacy Day in Sacramento

Policy Head Group

BLC members join Assembly member Matt Haney for Advocacy Day in Sacramento

Black Leadership Council

is a coalition of statewide leaders from varying sectors, who are committed to advancing meaningful policy change across systems that have historically harmed Black Prosperity. This is done through legislative and advocacy strategies, organizational partnerships, and educational community events.

The BLC co-sponsored its first bill, AB 85 (Weber) – Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Screenings to close the gap between community-based organizations and health providers, improving follow-up visits and collaboration efforts that assist patients with other social needs. Although the bill was vetoed, the BLC remains committed to advancing health equity for all.

The BLC’s second annual Advocacy Day, “Black In Action” on Juneteenth was an opportunity for BLC members to meet with state leaders in Sacramento to discuss issues core to improving outcomes for Black Californians including increased funding for and access to homeownership, CalFresh benefits, and reform around debt reduction.

Four Policy Pillars:

BLC Policy Pillars - Health, Wellness, Housing, Education

For more on the BLC visit: blacklc.org

Aftershock Screening

In recognition of Black Maternal Health Week (April 11-17), the BLC and partners screened the powerful documentary Aftershock, which laid bare the disparities and impact of Black maternal mortality. A post-film panel discussion featured Co-Filmmaker and Director, Tonya Lewis Lee, featured fathers, Omari Maynard and Bruce McIntyre, Executive Director of the California Black Health Network, Rhonda Smith, and Program Director of BElovedBIRTH Black Centering, Jyesha Wren. The event ended with a heartfelt call to action that urged attendees to get involved and join the BLC.

Aftershock poster
Aftershock Group
Aftershock Screening
Aftershock Audience
Aftershock Trio


has one of those smiles that when you see it, you can’t help but smile right back. His charisma and charm only add to his likability. On top of this, his goal in life is to help others and give back. Somewhere along the line, however, he found himself in need of support.


When he was five years old, Marlan’s parents moved him and his brothers from Dallas, Texas to Los Angeles in search of a better life. After school, Marlan used his artistic skills to land a graphic design job in the real estate market, and then got his own real estate license. But his seemingly glamorous career was unfulfilling. When his father passed suddenly, Marlan decided that it was time to make a change. San Francisco had long beckoned him. Once here, however, he found it wasn’t an easy city to land in.

“It took some time for me to grow to love it here because it’s so different from LA. Selling real estate is difficult on its own, but being a person of color in this city and trying to break into the real estate industry is almost impossible, not completely, but almost.” Marlan started re-evaluating what he wanted to do and began volunteering for the Castro Country Club, and his local church. Then he decided to ride his bike for the AIDS/LifeCycle and loved it. However, he wondered if he could do it differently.

“I’m very passionate about the AIDS/LifeCycle. It’s such a great cause and that experience is the reason that I fell in love with cycling. I just wasn’t a fan of doing all of that pedaling and then sleeping in a tent. So, I founded Motivate & Develop Humanity, Inc., a nonprofit here in San Francisco that uses cycling to promote mental health for minorities and people of color. I’ve cycled in many countries to raise money for mental health and awareness, stroke, and cancer prevention. I did that for 7 years but wasn’t taking care of myself. Founding and managing a nonprofit is a lot of work and very little money.“

”It was too much for me. I was depressed, living alone, and working two jobs that weren’t bringing in much. The only thing that kept me going was my dog, Monsieur Blu. He’s the reason I would get up in the morning.”

Marlan realized that although riding his bike for a cause was rewarding, he needed to find a way to support himself as well. He just wasn’t sure what to do. He stepped back from managing his nonprofit and leaned on his connections at Rafiki Coalition, who suggested PRC’s Workforce Development program.

“I lost my way. I needed guidance and in a caring environment where solid options presented themselves as a result of doing the leg work. that’s what I got at prc. under the supervision of trained seasoned professionals who saw my potential, I was able to choose my own path. It’s a relief to know that in dark times, you don’t have to give up. you may need to lay down for a moment. but then you must get up and reach out to the people who care about you and want to help you become the best version of you possible.”

At PRC, Marlan took advantage of every opportunity. He enrolled and completed the Peer Navigator Certification Program offered by PRC. He accepted an internship and a job as a server and received an offer for a second job but realized he was taking on too much. When Marlan was offered a position at one of PRC’s residential treatment programs as a residential counselor, he knew it was the right fit for him.

“Everything started happening because I showed up and was willing to do something different. It was huge for me! I’ve benefitted from PRC’s Rental Assistance and emergency funds programs and now that I partner with them, it’s the ultimate way to pay it forward. And I have a lot to give back to the people who need it most. It’s all about looking past the diagnoses and seeing the human being. The work is both challenging and rewarding. I’ve had some incredible experiences with residents. Those interactions make my heart do a backflip, sounds painful but it’s actually quite nice. I’m excited to see where this journey takes me, and I am thankful.”

We are thrilled to have Marlan on the PRC team using his lived experience to help clients on their journeys of positive transformation and look forward to seeing what he does next.

Our Financials

These fiscal year 2023 financials are management estimates and do not reflect the audit report for PRC, which comprises consolidated financial statements that include a financial accounting of Baker Places, Inc. (BP), a subsidiary of PRC. As PRC is a sole corporate member of BP due to having a controlling financial interest in BP, FASB ASC 958-810-25-2 requires that PRC consolidate financials with BP in order to remain in accordance with U.S GAAP. However, PRC and BP remain separate 501(c)(3) organizations with separate 990 filings.

Pre-audit financials for fiscal year ending June 30, 2023





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Public Funders
Alameda County Public Health Department
City/County of San Francisco, Human Rights Commission, Black Transgender Initiative
City/County of San Francisco, Office of Economic and Workforce Development, Industries of Opportunity
City/County of San Francisco, Office of Economic and Workforce Development, Specialized Job Center
City/County San Francisco, Community Mental Health Services/Medi-Cal
City/County San Francisco, Department of Public Health, Behavioral Health Services, Benefits Counseling
City/County San Francisco, Department of Public Health, Behavioral Health Services, Ferguson Place & BSLP
City/County San Francisco, Department of Public Health, Behavioral Health Services, Hummingbird Potrero
City/County San Francisco, Department of Public Health, Behavioral Health Services, Hummingbird Valencia
City/County San Francisco, Department of Public Health, Behavioral Health Services, Residential Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Treatment
City/County San Francisco, Department of Public Health, EDU: Workforce Development
City/County San Francisco, Department of Public Health, Employment Services - Getting to Zero Initiative
City/County San Francisco, Department of Public Health, Equal Access to Healthcare Program/Leland House
City/County San Francisco, Department of Public Health, Frontline Organizing Group - Getting to Zero Initiative
City/County San Francisco, Department of Public Health, HIV Health Services General Funds, Emergency Financial Services
City/County San Francisco, Department of Public Health, HIV Health Services General Funds/Dream Keeper, Emergency Financial Services
City/County San Francisco, Department of Public Health, HIV Health Services, Benefits Counseling
City/County San Francisco, Department of Public Health, HIV Health Services, LIFT UP SF
City/County San Francisco, Department of Public Health, On the Job Training Employment Services
City/County San Francisco, Department of Public Health, Ryan White Part A, Emergency Financial Services
Foundation for California Community Colleges
San Francisco Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development, Capital Improvement Projects
San Francisco Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Training to Enhance Services to Low-Income Black Individuals
San Francisco Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development, Leland House
San Francisco Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development, NextStep: Digital Literacy Training for Underserved Individuals with Disabilities
San Francisco Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development, Pre-Employment Services for People with HIV/AIDS or Mental Health Disabilities
San Francisco Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development, SSI Advocacy for People with HIV/AIDS or Mental Health Disabilities
State of California, AIDS Drug Assistance Program
State of California, Department of Health Care Access and Information, LIFT UP SF
State of California, Department of Rehabilitation, Employment Services Case Services
State of California, Department of Rehabilitation/San Francisco Human Service Agency, Employment Services Case Services
State of California, Department of Social Services, Stop the Hate Initiative
State of California, Workforce Development Board, Breaking Barriers to Employment Initiative
US Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Benefit of Homeless Individuals
US Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, PRC Appropriations
US Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Remote Case Management for HIV Individuals
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As of January 16, 2024

Board of Directors

Brian Schneider,
Nichole Wiley,
Vice President
Darren Smith,

Josh Frieman
Nelson Gonzalez
Colin Hartke
Ryo Ishida
Michael Kyle
Jacques Michaels
Michael Niczyporuk
Zack Papilion
Tamarah Prevost, Esq.
Tim Schroeder


Advisory Board

Michael F. Bell
Michael S. Bernick, Esq.
James Carter
Karl H. Christiansen, Esq.
Ryan Mckeel
David Stith
Donna Sachet
Gary Virginia
Daryl Walker


Senior Leadership

Chuan Teng, Esq.,
Chief Executive Officer
John Fostel, MA,
Chief Clinical Officer
Marc Gannon, MSW MBA,
Chief Operating Officer
Tasha Henneman, EdD,
Chief of Public Policy
and Government Affairs
Leo Levenson,
Consulting Chief Financial Officer
Beth Mazie, Esq.,
Chief Programs Officer
Randi Paul,
Chief Development Officer
Jessica Winterrowd, LMFT,
Associate Chief Clinical Officer
PRC Logo

170 9th Street
San Francisco, CA

PRC Logo

170 9th Street
San Francisco, CA

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OUR MISSION is to help people affected by HIV/AIDS, substance use, or mental health issues better realize opportunities by providing integrated legal, social, and health services that address the broad range of social risk factors that impact wellness and limit potential.