A Letter from PRC CEO Brett Andrews

As we mark the end of our 2021-22 fiscal year – and what a year it has been – I can’t help taking stock of all that we have accomplished together, most recently a fabulously successful, in-person (for the first time in three years!) Pride Brunch, as well as some tremendous new sources of funding and program developments.

This good news, however, comes amidst some very real challenges.

I want to keep you, our community, abreast of these as best I can. One, that you may have noted in recent press, involved PRC joining a hearing before the SF Board of Supervisors to discuss a one-time $3.2 million emergency grant. This funding request addresses the accumulated deficit we have incurred by providing services based on underfunded public contracts, some being two to three decades old. PRC has been working with different City departments over the past two years to address this issue, and while notable progress has been made, it has taken significantly longer than we expected to resolve these fiscal challenges. Each day we committed to providing services, was a day that the agency incurred a greater deficit. Our Board, the Department of Public Health, and the City have been aware of this issue for quite some time and are dedicated to working together to find a solution. Throughout this process, we have worked diligently to prioritize our staff, clients, and vendors. And yet, we’ve incurred financial hardships.

I am relieved to report that earlier this week, the Board of Supervisors approved a $1.25 million one-time grant unanimously, with the intention to reconvene on the remaining amount. This positive outcome is a testament to their belief in the essential work PRC does and confidence that we can partner with the City to successfully resolve this critical issue once and for all. We hold several, newer contracts that are fully funded so we know it’s possible. We expect this support from the Board of Supervisors will bring new urgency to our efforts to re-negotiate these public contracts to be more financially sustainable.

In promising news, we’re excited about some of our most recent funding commitments, which combined will provide nearly $5 Million of support. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi recognized our Hummingbird navigation center model through her district community projects. Our longtime funder, Gilead Sciences, recently awarded, above and beyond their support of our core services with a three-year establishment grant to integrate our services into our newly acquired transitional residential care facility, Leland House. And most recently, PRC was approved for a five-year grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to support program enhancements at our Joe Healy detox center.

We thank you for your support as we continue to fulfill PRC’s mission by helping people living with HIV/AIDS, substance use disorders, or mental health issues to better realize opportunities by delivering an integrated continuum of services that includes Emergency Financial Assistance, Behavioral Health Treatment, Legal Advocacy, and Workforce Development. Have a wonderful holiday weekend, and be safe.


Brett Andrews, CEO