Job Description

BP – Residential Counselor (Hummingbird Place) (Union Position)


The Residential Counselor provides 24-hour support and counseling services to an adult population with psychiatric, substance abuse and/or HIV-AIDS related disabilities.  Residential counselors advocate for and respond to clients’ treatment and rehabilitation needs.  All agency services are provided from the philosophy of social rehabilitation, which integrates teaching daily living skills in a safe and healthy environment.


  • Perform intake interviews and assist with client treatment plan development, implementation and discharge planning.
  • Assess the clinical needs of resident clients.
  • Evaluate clients for potential crisis situations and determine appropriate intervention.
  • Conduct individual and group counseling sessions as assigned.
  • Monitor and document clients’ progress toward achievement of individual goals.
  • Record clinical notes and hourly rounds to meet Medi-Cal standards and licensure requirements.
  • Maintain shift coverage and primary supervision and support of residential clients.
  • Act as a role model – guiding clients and facilitating appropriate behavior about daily living skills, self-care, personal interaction, social relationships and constructive time management.
  • Facilitate and supervise clients with residential house chores, meal preparation, and group activities.
  • Ensure that clients are linked with a primary care provider and assist with identifying and accessing community resources.
  • Participate in staff and shift change meetings.
  • Maintain professional boundaries with clients and staff.
  • Maintain agency 30 hour per year staff development training requirement.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Must be able to navigate several flights of stairs many times a day.   Must be able to carry a regular size grocery bag from the car into the house.   Responsible to physically respond to client needs in the event of a crisis situation.


AA degree preferred but not required.  At least one year experience working with adults who have mental health or substance abuse problems. Must be able to attend weekly staff meeting from 9am-11am every Thursday The following Baker Places, Inc. treatment programs require a DOJ clearance:  Jo Ruffin Place, Grove Street, Odyssey House, Robertson Place, and Baker Street House.

This Residential Mental Health Counselor position will be supporting our clients at our Hummingbird Place location. Hummingbird Place is a 29-bed primarily mental health residential program with an average stay of 14 days. Created as an alternative to hospitalization or emergency psychiatric services and for those individuals who struggle in larger navigation or shelter settings. Entry requirements into Hummingbird are purposely designed at a lower threshold then traditional residential settings to be inclusive who are historically hesitant or ambivalent toward accepting assistance. This facility also provides drop in guest opportunity for up to 20 individuals, 7 days a week from 10am-6pm to individuals who are seeking respite from homelessness where they are offered clothing, food, ability to do their laundry, counseling, referral to community services and residential programs within the Baker continuum, including Hummingbird Place or other providers in the community.



Sunday: 10:45pm-7:15am

Monday: 12:00am-6:00am

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 10:45pm-7:15am & 9:00am-11:00am (staff meeting)

Friday: 10:45pm-7:15am

Saturday: 10:45pm-7:15am

If interested in this employment opportunity please e-mail your resume and cover letter to or fax to 415-864-4089. If sending your resume/cover letter via e-mail, please send it as a Microsoft Word document or in PDF form.