Jasmine Conley is a success story in the making

It’s not every day that one of PRC’s former clients comes out the other end to join the staff. But that’s just what Jasmine Conley did when she recently accepted a role within Workforce Development’s newly launched Black Trans Initiative. This two-year project funded by the City’s Dream Keeper Initiative reallocates resources toward technical assistance for Black transgender people.

This is a population Jasmine is especially familiar with. “I always wanted to work with transgender women. I didn’t always identify as trans myself but that changed. I took this position because I want to help transgender women help themselves and identify what they want to do.”

Jasmine didn’t always know what she wanted to do. When she took her first PRC computer class, Jasmine found herself coming out of surgery and about to lose her housing. Her PRC instructor helped her secure a space at PRC’s co-opt supportive housing. Following the completion of her course, Jasmine felt confident enough to enroll at City College. It was overwhelming as a person with a background of trauma but Jasmine persevered, earning a community health workers certificate and a 4.0 grade average, while also working at student services as an advocate for trans students drawing attention to challenges they face.

Looking to do more, Jasmine considered training as a social worker when the opportunity at PRC arose. The idea of building a new program from the ground up is scary but exciting. The Lift Up SF peer-to-peer training Jasmine took helped immensely. “The things I learned earlier from a book went right out the window when the client was sitting across from me and all that trauma came back. I had to put my feelings on the backburner but I know now this is for me. It’s not easy but it made me love it even more. I know that I belong in this position. I want to be the best I can be because I’m representing PRC, which helped me be the best I could be.”

“I want to help anyone who wants help bettering their lives like I got help at PRC. If not for PRC, my life would have a different story. I can’t believe I’m working here now. Those who helped me four years ago are now my co-workers. I went through the entire program and here is the outcome. I have the best job and I think this is just the beginning.”

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