Celebrating a Remarkable Milestone: Bare Chest Calendar Sets Fundraising Record in 2024 

In a monumental achievement, the Bare Chest Calendar and its 2024 team have shattered records by raising an astounding $262,956 during last year’s fundraising season—the highest amount in their 40-year history. Their innovative approach to fundraising has not only set records but also inspired a sense of camaraderie throughout the community.  

Left to right | 2024 Calendar men Nathan and David, Den Daddy Larry Rich, Scott Johnson, PRC CEO Chuan Teng, ASL Interpreter, 2024 Calendar men Ray and Al

To celebrate this milestone, we gathered for the third prelim competition event at the Powerhouse Bar on Thursday, February 15th, marking a night of celebration and community support 

PRC’s CEO Chuan Teng took the stage to express gratitude for the longstanding partnership. The lively crowd exemplified the power and excitement of coming together to support a great cause while reveling in great company. 

The Bare Chest Calendar, PRC’s oldest community fundraiser, holds a special place in our hearts, and we are forever grateful for their unwavering dedication. Founded in 1984 by Terry Thompson with a profound desire to assist those affected by the AIDS epidemic, this iconic fundraiser has consistently demonstrated a commitment to making a positive impact on our community. Visit our blog to learn more about the Bare Chest Calendar. 

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Den Daddy Larry Rich, the entire Bare Chest Brotherhood, and all the competing calendar men. Their selfless efforts extend beyond posing for shirtless charismatic calendar photos. These individuals devote every week from June through December to advocate and raise funds for important causes at local and statewide events.   

Left to right | 2024 Calendar men Nathan and David, Den Daddy Larry Rich, Bare Chest Board Member Scott Johnson, San Francisco Supervisors Matt Dorsey and Rafael Mandelman, 2024 Calendar men Ray and Al

Special appreciation goes to Supervisors Matt Dorsey and Rafael Mandelman for recognizing the Bare Chest Calendar with a certificate of honor. Their kind words about PRC on stage highlighted the incredible hard work our leadership team has undertaken and all we’ve accomplished over the past year and the invaluable role this fundraiser plays in supporting PRC and our clients. 

We extend our congratulations to the Bare Chest Calendar and the 2024 team for their extraordinary achievement and look forward to witnessing their continued positive impact for years to come. Cheers to a calendar that not only bares chests but also bares the generous spirit of our community.