Announcing our dollar-for-dollar match to support clients like Joseph, whose story will inspire you

We’re thrilled to announce our Spring Match Challenge Campaign, a dollar-for-dollar match up to $15,000 now through May 31 thanks to the generosity of our Board Directors. Campaigns like this and our wonderful supporters who participate in them make a huge difference in the lives of our clients who PRC works with every day. People like Joseph, pictured above, and captured in video below. In December 2017, Joseph came to Ferguson Place, our residential treatment program that was the first of its kind to work with individuals living with HIV/AIDS and co-occurring substance use and mental health issues.

Joseph was homeless, using drugs, and malnourished – alternating between shelters and other people’s homes. He was being treated at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital Ward 86 when a social worker referred him to PRC.

Unsure whether to take a chance, Joseph spoke to Bridgette Washington, Ferguson’s Program Director, who sensed the urgency in Joseph’s voice and said, “Please come over.” They already had a bed ready for him. Joseph shared, “I laid down and cried, it felt so good to have my own bed.”

Over the 90-day program, Joseph learned things that you and I may take for granted, but helped him to get off drugs and create a life plan for himself. Individualized treatment planning and counseling, group sessions, and structure gave Joseph the tools he could take with him after his stay. The social rehabilitation approach helped Joseph to open up and trust people again and make friendships he maintains to this day.

Today Joseph works an incredibly rewarding job as a caretaker to the elderly and adults with developmental disabilities and will soon begin a vocational nursing program. He received help with his school application from PRC as well.

He shares, “I was inspired because I was taken care of. I saw that in all my counselors. I want to do that too. I don’t know how to repay them. This is how I can pay them back. Any help I can give, I’ll do it.”

We are inspired by each and every one of our clients who walks in our doors in need of help in some way, and walks out transformed. This is what PRC does.

When Joseph left Ferguson House, he wanted to do something to thank them. So he drew the house, found a wooden frame at a second hand store, and gave it to Bridgette. It still hangs in the house today. It’s a testament to the success that can come out of this challenging, complicated, and often thankless work.

Joseph shares, “PRC been a big help in turning my life around. Without PRC, I wouldn’t have a life.”

You can help guide individuals like Joseph to do positive in the world. Please consider making a donation to support PRC.