A Heartwarming Gathering: Extending Joy Beyond Our Clients to Community

We are thrilled to share the incredible success of our recent Client Winter Celebration, where we not only had the opportunity to spread joy but were also able to give back to our clients and community. 

The atmosphere at Rubicon Point Partners building, who kindly donated their space to us, was filled with festive cheer, as the space was decorated with sparkling lights installed by our amazing facilities team and 16 trees donated by the Guardsmen Christmas Tree Lot. Attendees indulged in warm cider, coffee, 400 delectable cookies donated by Danville Bakery, and mouthwatering small bites, provided by La Mediterranee Filmore. 

Kippy Marks, a virtuoso on the violin, enchanted the crowd with his musical talents, creating a magical ambiance. You may remember witnessing his incredible talent at our Songs of the Season event in early December. 

Tables adorned with engaging games and activities including an opportunity to make greeting cards for friends and loved ones, and a live raffle, added an extra layer of fun.  Clients departed not only with PRC souvenirs, gift cards, coffee tumblers, and more but also made connections with both new and familiar faces among the dedicated PRC staff. 

Undoubtedly, one of the main highlights of the event was a generous contribution—fresh groceries to support 250 households, courtesy of the SF Marin Food Bank. Each attendee left the event with a bag or several bags of groceries. 

What makes this celebration even more special is the way it rippled through our community. We transformed our client celebration into a community-wide event, extending our joy and giving back to our friends and neighbors at the San Francisco Community Health Center, Episcopal Community Services, Catholic Charities, and the El Dorado. Donations of cookies and grocery bags brought smiles and warmth to even more hearts. 

We were honored to provide taxi rides for our clients to and from the event to ensure they could be part of this heartwarming celebration. One of our clients summed up the impact beautifully, saying:

We are deeply grateful for the overwhelming generosity of our community, board of directors, and PRC supporters who not only attended the celebration but also contributed to its success with various donations. See the list of our generous donors below: 

Sponsored by:

This was a beautiful way for us to put closure to 2023 and welcome in 2024! We invite you to join us next time! 

In Community, 

PRC Team