PRC Board Member and Gala Chair Merredith Treaster on what inspires her

PRC Board Member and Gala Chair Merredith Treaster on stage at the Mighty Real Gala with PRC CEO Brett Andrews.

Earlier this month, PRC Board Member and Gala Chair Merredith Treaster took to the stage at PRC’s Mighty Real Gala to share what inspired her to join PRC’s volunteer leadership. Four years ago, when her young son asked how they could help those they saw living on the street, Merredith didn’t have an easy answer for him. So they embarked on a journey of discovery together and came across PRC.

“I was immediately inspired by its services for those suffering from HIV/AIDS, substance use, and mental health issues, all circumstances found in significantly higher rates in those living in poverty or lacking stable housing.”

It wasn’t until early on in the pandemic however that PRC’s work hit even closer to home. A family member admitted that they had been secretly struggling with alcoholism and asked Merredith and other family members for help getting treatment.

“They are one of the lucky ones who have a family that cares about them and offers support. A lot of people on the streets don’t have that safety net.”

Thanks to Merredith’s leadership role and the fundraising success of this year’s Mighty Real Gala, that many more PRC clients will have a safety net. If you would like to support this important work, please consider making a year-end donation to PRC.