Job Description

PRC – Supervising Attorney

Position Responsibilities include:


  • Assumes responsibility for the program in the absence of the Managing Legal Director.
  • Supervises, evaluates, and trains designated Staff Attorneys in the Public Disability Advocacy Program (PDAP) and/or Equal Access to Healthcare Program (EAHP), according to the organizational chart with support of Managing Legal Director.
  • Assists Managing Legal Director in supervising legal work of the programs.
  • Leads case conference with specified staff and completes file reviews.
  • Assists with internal and external trainings.
  • Attends community meetings as needed.
  • Resolves client conflicts and complaints.
  • Assumes responsibilities for emergency intakes and case reassignment.
  • Works with Managing Legal Director and Quality Assurance Manager to ensure the fulfillment of programmatic goals, such as units of service, number of intakes, trainings and community outreach.

        Benefits Advocacy:

  • General Assessment:  Performs individual assessment of needs related to healthcare access and/or disability benefits. Helps identify and assist in breaking barriers to benefit entitlements, including accessing medical care, health insurances, treatments and psychiatric and/or psychological evaluations.
  • Advocacy:  Provides direct legal assistance and representation to clients in PDAP and/or EAHP. Assists clients to apply for public and private benefits, and/or handles other healthcare access and income benefits related issues. Follows claims throughout the application process, negotiating with SSA, Disability Analysts or other governmental or private entities as needed. Files appropriate paperwork and develops/obtains evidence.
  • Hearings:  Prepares cases for appeal and appears before Administrative Law Judges or other judicial bodies.  Files documents for appeals process.  Develops/obtains supporting medical evidence. Performs legal research. Writes pre- and post-hearings legal briefs.  Prepares clients for testimony.  Conducts hearings.  Cross examines experts.  Appeals unfavorable decisions to Appeals Council or other appellate bodies.
  • File Management:  Creates and maintains confidential client files detailing documents and policies reviewed, correspondence prepared on behalf of the client and case progress. Creates and maintains comprehensive database system.
  • Policy Analysis and Outreach: As part of EAHP, identifies and analyzes healthcare issues affecting people living with HIV/AIDS at the local, state and federal levels; collects and analyzes data, produces and presents reports; participates in community efforts such as provider meetings in improving healthcare access for people living with HIV/AIDS; plans and performs regular, comprehensive community outreach.


  • Active member of the CA State Bar.
  • Demonstrated ability in management, supervision and training.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage database.
  • Demonstrated ability to handle escalated client situations.
  • Superior knowledge in benefits counseling related to HIV/AIDS, mental health issues, and state and federal disability benefits.
  • Ability to be sensitive to and work well with low-income individuals, people with psychiatric disabilities, people with HIV/AIDS, people of color, active drug users, people with a history of homelessness or incarceration, sexual minorities and gender minorities.
  • Ability to work effectively as a team.
  • At least two years of benefits counseling experience, or at least four years of full time legal work experience.
  • Bilingual and bicultural (Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Arabic, Vietnamese or Russian) highly desirable.
  • Familiarity with mental health issues, HIV/AIDS, and state and federal laws and programs impacting healthcare access for people living with HIV, e.g. such as OA-HIPP, ADAP, SSI, SSDI, Covered California, Medicare and Medi-Cal, strongly preferred.
  • Knowledge of harm reduction theory and practice as applied to legal services preferred.

Salary and Benefits:

40 hours per week.  Salaried, plus medical, dental, short/long term disability, life insurance, employer matching contributions to 403(b) retirement, Bar dues and professional development.

Application Procedure:

Submit a resume and cover letter to: