Job Description

BP – Case Manager


The Case Manager provides direct service to clients affected by substance abuse, HIV disease and often mental health issues who are living independently in the San Francisco community.  The Case Manager is familiar with the DSM IV diagnostic criteria, accurately conducts mental health and substance abuse assessments, and is proficient in crisis de-escalation and intervention. The Case Manager has extensive experience facilitating Psycho educational groups with an emphasis on substance abuse education and mental health symptom management.  The Case Manager is skilled in providing individual counseling.


  • Assess the clinical needs of clients and develop treatment plans that address substance abuse, HIV, and mental health related issues.
  • Evaluate clients for potential crisis situations and determine appropriate interventions and
  • Facilitate Psycho educational groups with an emphasis on:  community re-entry skills, relapse prevention/harm reduction, vocational re-entry, basic healthcare and wellness, mindfulness and early recovery skills, substance abuse education, HIV education and mental health symptom management.
  • Facilitate referrals to other treatment facilities as needed.
  • Have knowledge of and maintain regular contact with community service providers to maintain linkage.
  • Conduct regular case conferences with community service providers.
  • Keep timely and accurate records of all client and collateral contacts.
  • Maintain time sensitive documentation in client charts.
  • Calculate client fees.
  • Coordinate and implement weekly house meetings.
  • Conduct weekly individual counseling sessions with clients.
  • Rotate on-call emergency after hour cell phone with other case managers.
  • Facilitate client’s admission into the program, discharge planning and follow up.
  • Monitor household facilities for maintenance needs and repairs and make timely accurate reports.
  • Other related duties and responsibilities as assigned.


  • AILP-Case Manager; MHRS (Mental Health Rehabilitation Specialist), per CCSF/DPH/SFHN/BHS policy.
  • BSLP-Case Manager; AA degree preferred but not required.
  • Two years’ experience working with adults who have substance abuse, HIV, or mental health issues.
  • Two years of Case Management work experience; and managed a client caseload within the year.
  • One year of recent billing for services experience, i.e. Medi-cal, hospital insurance, third party.
  • Able to navigate several flights of stairs many times a day.
  • Able to physically respond to clients’ needs in the event of a crisis.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills required.

If interested in this employment opportunity please e-mail your resume and cover letter to or fax to 415-581-0797. If sending your resume/cover letter via e-mail, please send it as a Microsoft Word document or in PDF form.

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