Job Description

BP – Assistant Program Director Grove Street House


The Assistant Program Director, under the supervision of the Program Director, is responsible for the management of clinical and rehabilitation services, staffing, facilities, and fiscal operations of Grove Street House, an up to 60-day length of stay, licensed crisis stabilization residential program for adults.
The Assistant Program Director manages the flow of clients into and out of the program and advocates for and responds to the clients’ treatment and rehabilitation needs.

REPORTS TO: Program Director

SALARY: $50k


  • Supervises the delivery high quality clinical, rehabilitative and culturally competent services to clients with primary psychiatric diagnosis who may also have SUD, and HIV-related issues.
  • Must be able to perform and train program Residential/Relief Counselors in the following duties:
    • Perform intake interviews and assist with client treatment plan development, implementation and discharge planning.
    • Assess and document the clinical needs of resident clients utilizing electronic medical record assessments and chart: ANSA (Adult Needs & Strengths Assessment), treatment plans of care, daily progress notes per shift, weekly and monthly client progress notes.
    • Evaluate clients for potential mental health crises and determine appropriate intervention and management of MH crisis in collaboration with the Program Director as needed.
    • Conduct individual and group counseling sessions as assigned.
    • Develop client Treatment Plans of Care and monitor and document clients’ progress toward achievement of individualized goals.
    • Conduct and document hourly client monitoring rounds to meet Community Care Licensing, Baker Places and Medi-Cal standards and licensure requirements.
    • Act as a role model – guiding clients and facilitating appropriate behavior, teaching daily living skills, self-care, personal interaction, social relationships and constructive time management.
    • Ensure that clients are linked with a primary care providers (psychiatric and medical) and assist with identifying and accessing community resources.
    • Co-facilitates with Program Director weekly staff meeting and participate regularly in shift change reports.
    • Ensure safe and accurate management and documentation related to ALL client-monitored medication.
    • Must work collaboratively and collegially with clinician/s on-site providing Medication Support services.
    • Provide program on-call manager duty. May rotate with Program Director or DMHSUDP.
    • Must schedule, in collaboration with Program Director, regularly scheduled, individual and documented supervision for all counseling staff working in program.
  • Participates with Program Director in staff interviews, trains, supervises and completes performance evaluations annually for assigned counselor personnel within the program.
  • Effectively and consistently uses Baker Places Personnel Policies and the SEIU Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) in all staff encounters, actions and decisions.
  • Develops and maintains good working relationship with client referral sources and other related mental health, SUD and community service programs.
  • Review/audit all client records and charts for accuracy to ensure compliance with agency, clinical, fiscal and Medi-Cal standards and licensure requirements.
  • Set-up and coordinate staff work schedules. Manage counselor shift bid process on-site and report outcome to HR and Program Director/DMHSUDP in the form or a site-specific master counselor schedule.
  • Coordinate the collection of client program fees and refunds, client census data and reports as required working with agency fiscal and data and claims departments.
  • Maintains facility and services in accordance with licensure standards, to ensure that all clients receive care and supervision that includes but is not limited to:
  • Principles of nutrition, food preparation and storage, and menu planning.
  • Housekeeping and sanitation principles.
  • Recognition of the early signs of illness and need for professional assistance.
  • Identification and access to community services.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Must be able to navigate several flights of stairs many times daily.
  • Must be able to do extensive charting and documentation.
  • Must be able to lift 20 pounds
  • Responsible to physically respond to client needs in the event of a crisis.


  • Must be at least 21 years of age (Per regulations).
  • *Preferred candidate meets MHRS (Mental Health Rehabilitation Specialist) qualifications defined as (CCR Title 9, Div. 1, Ch. 3, Art. 8, Sec.630):
    • AA Degree & 6 years’ experience in an appropriate setting (MH), 2 of 6          years must be post AA Degree.
    • Bachelor’s Degree and 4 years’ experience in fields of physical restoration, social adjustment or vocational adjustment.
    • Graduate professional education (MSW/MFT/PCC/PhD/Psy.D) in mental health related field (who is not waivered /registered/licensed).
    • A portion of the experience requirement can be met by substituting years of graduate professional education: 3a-up to 2 years of experience can be substituted for education, 3b-the substitution of education for experience is done on a year-to-year basis).
  • Knowledge of and ability to comply with applicable mental health program licensing and certification law and regulations.
  • Maintain valid CPR and First Aid Certification and annual TB clearance
  • Participate in online training in and pass the Adult Needs & Strengths Assessment certification training
  • Ability to direct the work of others.
  • Ability to recruit, train, and evaluate residential counselor staff.
  • An understanding of and commitment to Social Rehabilitation principles in interactions with clients, client family/friends/significant others, staff and community partners as defined by CASRA.
  • Must demonstrate cultural competency while working with diverse populations on the issues of mental health, substance abuse and HIV-AIDS in a social rehabilitation treatment model.
  • Requires experience-compiling data, creating and distributing reports, and responding to governmental/agency requests for information in a timely manner. . Must be able to communicate effectively with staff, client, family/significant others and community providers both verbally and in writing.

If interested in this employment opportunity please e-mail your resume and cover letter to or fax to 415-581-0797. If sending your resume/cover letter via e-mail, please send it as a Microsoft Word document or in PDF form.