Emergency Financial Assistance

PRC AIDS Emergency Fund provides financial assistance to low-income San Francisco residents living with HIV/AIDS. AEF has three programs: Emergency Assistance (EA), Eviction Prevention (EP), and Health Insurance Premium Payments (AEF-HIPP).

The Emergency Assistance (EA) grant provides up to $500 per grant cycle, and can be used to help with housing, medical expenses, and/or utility bills. Other restrictions may apply.

Eviction Prevention

The Eviction Prevention (EP) grant can be used either to help pay move-in costs (deposit, 1st month) or to prevent eviction. A referral from a case manager, social worker, or lawyer is required. This grant provides up to $1000 per grant cycle, depending on need, and can be combined with the EA grant if eligible.

Health Insurance Premium Payment Program

The Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) grant can provide up to $4000 per grant cycle. The grant can also be used for other medical expenses beyond the scope of our EA grant.

Determine Your Eligibility

To see if you qualify for these programs, view requirements here.